ReUser is a RubyGem that makes authorization easy. The DSL was designed with the help of Jon Hogue.

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Diaspora is an open source social network. My contribution to this was small, but it was my first contribution. I hope the Diaspora project has continued success, and I hope to contribute again someday.

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Simple node.js app to monitor a Campfire room and relay each post to another HTTP endpoint (from the repository's Github).

I helped to convert Flamethrower from using the user's name as the data posted to using the user's Campfire ID. I also implemented support for TextMessages and PasteMessages (descriptions are available on 37signals' developer site).



Githubris is a Ruby wrapper around the GitHub v3 API. Its purpose is to provide a familiar DSL for interacting with the API.

I am the author of Githubris, along with object design assistance from Zee Spencer.



HTTParty is an HTTP client library that provides a simple way to access JSON, XML, HTML, and YAML HTTP APIs.

I added the HTTP method PATCH to HTTParty, as part of my work on Githubris.

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Ruby on Rails is a full-stack web framework in Ruby.

I have helped with triaging Rails Issues.

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NullDB is the Null Object pattern as applied to ActiveRecord database adapters. It is a database backend that translates database interactions into no-ops. Using NullDB enables you to test your model business logic - including after_save hooks - without ever touching a real database.

I have recently joined the NullDB team. I am excited to work with the team and take this project into the future!