by Isaac Sanders

I just release v0.0.2 of Chemistry, a gem that will act as a Chemistry toolkit.


I was at PyOhio last weekend and just got back from Steel City Ruby Conf this weekend and I was inspired by talks at both to work on something more scientific. I will be entering as a Freshman at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in the Fall, and I will have to take a Chemistry course at some point, so I figured that it may be something that will help me in my studies.

Also, I enjoy thinking about science, and I enjoy programming, so why not combine the two in an OSS contribution.


I want this gem to be able to perform many chemical operations, such as balancing chemical equations, molality and molarity, equation parsing, and much more.

If there are any suggestions for features, I would love to discuss them in the GitHub Issue tracker.


Right now, there are no elements defined, but I have written a DSL for defining them.

If you are interested in contributing, I would love help listing elements.

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