Update and Walkabout [ARCHIVE]

by Isaac Sanders

It has been some time since I last posted. I have had a lot of wonderful things happen, and many more are on the horizon.

Since mid-September, I have been working at 2Checkout.com in Columbus, OH. 2Checkout is a hosted payment processing provider whose mission is to help sellers sell more. In my time there, I have enjoyed building relationships with my coworkers and working on various projects.

Outside of work I have been busy, as well. I wrote and released a RubyGem called ReUser. I have presented at the Columbus Ruby Brigade for the past three months, on various tools, such as Vagrant, Guard, and my baby, ReUser. In addition, I have been attending the Ohio State University and applying to multiple schools. I am having a busy senior year.

However, there is something very exciting on the horizon for me. My high school is not a normal high school. I go to an alternative school where the philosophy is based on teaching by giving the students responsibility and by giving them experiences outside the classroom. Every year, students plan and execute a experiential learning opportunity. In my senior year, this opportunity is manifested as Walkabout.

Walkabout is a tradition at my school based on the Aboriginal rite of passage of the same name. Walkabout consists of two eight-week periods, where I find a mentor and work for the mentor, trading service for learning.

Walkabout is a time for reflecting and self-discovery. My goals for Walkabout, beyond those of learning from my mentor, are to become a more social person, to begin to learn to care for myself, and to budget my time and money better.

During Walkabout, people do not always stay in Columbus. I am planning my Walkabouts, but finding housing is something that will be difficult. This is why I would ask that anyone who would be willing to let me stay with them for either of these two Walkabouts to please contact me. You may contact me at isaacbfsanders@gmail.com.

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