JavaScript User Group and My First Live Page [ARCHIVE]

by Isaac Sanders

I went to my first Columbus JavaScript User Group (@cbusjs) this past Wednesday. There were a few talks, but one really interested me. The talk that interested me was one on Node.js and Express, a Sinatra-like framework for Node. I had only glanced previously, but this really encouraged me to move forward and work on something. And as it happens… I needed a place to put my resume information without crowding business cards, and I wanted to code it myself, so I created a small node.js “app” that I will be adding functionality to over the weekend. It also gave me the opportunity to try writing my own HAML(Jade in Express)/SASS. Right now it is purely HAML/SASS, but I want to write jQuery for it to add content regarding the topics I included. If you want to take a look it is hosted here on heroku. The source is on Github here. Please leave constructive advice/feedback.

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